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Jesus Wants To Send You, Go Through The Fire, And Quality!

Jesus started His ministry by being led into the wilderness to be tempted. We all know the story, and how He overcame. When you cried out for the Lord to “use you”, the Lord took you at your word. He knows what you are about to face as one sent, and what’s to prepare you. When the fire comes, embrace it as Jesus did. It is the Lord's seal of approval, and preparation to send you!

On a personal note: During this time, make notes of your success and failures. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses is key to your future success. You will know how to approach each situation. You will know what hinders you and what to work on.

Ending Note:

Happy New Year! May this year be one of much favor and blessing. We just released part one of the New Year’s word, by Colette.

Click on this link to listen to the word

Jesus Wants To Send You, Go Through The Fire, And Quality!

By Chaifa Berr

Today's Prophetic Word is for the prophets in training starting this year with new direction!

God answers by sending fire on your flesh! This can discourage you. Shouldn’t doors of opportunity open? No. You need the authority to create the change you want to see. This is how you earn that authority,

“Before I send you out, my child, I will consume your flesh in fire, so that you may be strong. For how can I send you to produce change, when you can fall into the same temptations?

So, I prepare you, by humiliation. There cannot be any pride left in you - only my power. Though it may look as if your call is not real, it is not true. Your call has simply not started the way you expected. Satan has sifted you, and through the trials of your faith, you’ve learned what you have and do not have.

Before I was sent out to do My Father's will, I faced trials and temptation in the wilderness. So, too, you have faced your flesh, and you have learned your weakness. You have learned to rely on me.

Before you can call others to accountability, you must face the same accountability before Me. Authority is earned through fire and trial. As you come out of the ashes, I give you the authority you need for your specific assignment.

I’ve called you to bring change into the systems of this world. But the change will always start with you. See past your trial, child, and earn the authority needed to do My will,” says the Lord.

Personal Project:

1. What assignment does God have you on right now?

2. What fire(s) are you facing today?

3. Identify how your answers to 1 and 2 relate to one another.

a. What do you think God wants to produce in you, through the fire(s) that you are in?

b. How does the purpose of these fire(s) help you with your assignment?

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