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Jesus Needs You To Heal His Brokenhearted

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Remove the hindrance, and a body will naturally start to heal itself. Sadly, I have seen people powerfully healed, only to return to their pre-prayer state, because they did not deal with the source of the problem.

That’s why inner healing is one of the greatest gifts, we can give the body of Christ. Correct inner healing deals with the source of the problem triggering the healing of the body. I have seen freedom from lifetime ailments. Whole families were healed, because of a healed broken heart that could love again.

The Lord needs His people healed. He needs you. All He requires is your small mustard seed of faith to start.

Ending Note:

If you have been called to heal the brokenhearted, and need some healing yourself, I would like to give you two resources to help you.

  1. Download this audio message called, Healing the Broken Hearted.

  2. Then go to our website, click on the chat function and let our team help you at


Jesus Needs You To Heal His Brokenhearted

By Nathan Berry


Today's Prophetic Word is for those with a heart to heal the broken.

You have cried out for God’s power. Your relationships have begun to shift. Some fade while new relationships surface. God is preparing you for the new anointing. Read this word to find your next steps:

The Needs Of My People Have Changed

"I'm shifting you, my child. You excelled in the position that I placed you in, but the needs of my people have changed. It's time for you to shift to meet their needs for today. It's time to pick up your flask of oil and heal those that are broken inside.

I'll give you the signs and wonders you cried out for. Yet, they will not be what you expect. I don't need you to bring physical healing for there are many in my body that do this. I need you to bring healing to bitter and stony hearts.

I'm Changing Your Relationship Circles

"Embrace the new relationships I'm bringing you. Allow the relationships that I'm distancing you from to fade away. The relationships in your life will shape you. They will make you into the vessel you need to be. Then, you will receive the new anointing that's required for this assignment.

Take your place, my beloved. You will feel a bit uncomfortable as you find your footing. To walk in a new anointing is not easy. Yet, you will regain your solid footing. This anointing will add to the mandate that I have for you on the road ahead," says the Lord.

Listen to What’s Your Prophetic Type? Isaiah: The Inner Healing Prophet (Ep. 260) by Apostles Craig & Colette Toach to find your footing and know what step to take next

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