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Jesus Doesn’t See Your Mistakes, He Sees Your Heart!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

The Lord said to me once, “I wish you had more faith in me to help you succeed than you do in your ability to mess it up!” We get so hung up on our ability to fail. This word challenges you to SHIFT your perspective! Why not see things through the Lord’s eyes instead? Not only does He see your potential, but He wants to help you succeed! Take His hand! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

Ministry News from the Toaches Today, Craig and I celebrate 27 years of marriage! It came at us so quickly, we nearly forgot! We just returned from Missouri where we attended the funeral for Dr. Greene. We were so caught up in everything that happened the last month that we forgot to stop for a moment and take some time as a couple. Well today, we'll do just that! Thank you to everyone who has been along the way with us and watched us grow over the years. We treasure you. P.S. Hey everyone, it's Austin Toach chiming in here. Please help me wish our apostles a Happy Anniversary, and honor them with an anniversary gift! CashApp: $ColetteToach PayPal:

Are you feeling unprepared for what God has called you to? Then today's prophetic word is for you! by Jodia Mattison

Moses freaked out when God called him to speak to Pharaoh. He objected because he fixed his eyes on his flaws. He didn't believe Pharaoh would listen because he stuttered. When Moses said yes, help came. God is gracious. When God calls on you to do a job, prophet, He will give strength to the weak and power to those who need it. All God needs is our YES.

"My child, I gave you a voice to speak. Your voice makes the difference. Don't be afraid. Call out to me, and I will answer. I don't desire you to sit broken. The work I started in you, my child, is complete. I gave you lots to say. I placed much in you. Now, I need it for the land I gave to you. Step out on the promised land I've given you and watch me move in your life. I will do wonders in and through you. You have my DNA already. Speak the words I gave to you. Do you know that I trust the words from your heart? For I shaped and positioned you. Now, my child, walk it out. Your lips are mine. I forged them in the fire. Now open them and I will speak through you. Don't be afraid. What you speak, is spirit and life. I shaped your heart. So stand.

My children are ready to hear what you have to say. Don't hold back because of the voice that says, "You're nothing." My child, I handpicked you. I called you by my name. I bled for you. I took you by my hand and led you from the dark wilderness. Today, you stand as one of my generals, whom I trust. Speak up. I gave you a voice. I gave you eyes. Set my children free. I made you a rock of offense to many. Speak my word."

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