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It's Time To Go To New Heights

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“Some people may say they have 50 years of experience. What they really have is 1 year of experience repeated 50 times.” - Dr. Mark Rutland

What I have learned over the years, is that our call is progressive. That means there is no limit to what you can do for the Lord! However, there is a three-step process you need to follow for success.

  1. Learn what the Lord needs you to learn.

  2. Apply what you learned practically.

  3. Repeat.

Today as you read this prophetic word, identify which step you’re on. Then seek the Lord for your next progressive step.

Ending Note:

If you feel the conviction to go deeper and need a hand, Colette and I are here to help. We have a few more seats open for our Apostolic Mentorship Program. It’s time to know your apostolic type and pick up the missing pieces you need to succeed.

It's Time To Go To New Heights

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is for the Apostles called to expand their work.

This word is for those called to apostolic leadership. You see the stagnancy in the Church and sense the urgency in the spirit. The growth of the Church depends on your willingness to want more.

The Lord called you in your ignorance. Your intellect was and still is no match to His wisdom. In many ways, you are still ignorant. Fresh manna awaits. Come and receive, says the Lord.

Get Past Your Plateau.

"Why should I give you anointing you do not desire? My child, I will never force you to want more than you have now. How can you receive a fresh manner if you do not ask? Only when you seek for Me will I pour out to you.

I invite you to My throneroom as often as you like to receive from My well of wisdom. I called you to be an Apostle and to lead My people well. So step out of your comfort zone; I have much more to invest in you."

Receive From My Wealth Of Wisdom.

"Lack of wisdom brought My Church to ruin, and in so doing, they turned to the world. As a result, many have gone astray and entertained unclean things. I stand ready to wash them clean.

Stop coasting on your old anointing. I always have more to give. Receive the Solomon anointing. My people need a growth spurt. Many will seek out your wisdom and turn to Me again."

A Willing Vessel Will Build A Temple Of Gold.

"The blueprint is ready to hand out. Do the work and climb up to get it. My people are hungry for structure. They need a strong leader to lead them.

The land is ready to occupy. When you take up your mantle, I will fulfill the promise I made long ago. I will cause the wealth of the wicked to transfer to the Church. But first, take the land, says the Lord."

Thanks for reading!

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