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It’s time to be the student - the Lord wants to teach you something

Your process includes times of teaching and application. Use wisdom to navigate both. Today, the Lord wants to bring you to rest. This is a teaching season! When you don’t realize what’s happening you might feel insecure. You might wonder if you failed God because doors shut. Not at all! You're right on track.

So, if ministry doors shut down, don’t freak out! You're in teaching season! Allow the Holy Spirit to train you. Soon enough the season will shift again and you'll be back on the road of application.

Ending Note:

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It's Time to Be the Student - The Lord Wants to Teach You Something

By Eloise Flanders

Today's word is a confirmation for those searching for their next steps. It's time to be taught!

As I sought the Lord for you today, He showed me a picture of you as a student. You had ideas of what you wanted to do next, but that wasn't what He had in mind for you. The Lord says, "I've placed you in an unforeseen situation to prepare you."

"My child, I've shifted your circumstances to increase your influence. Be humble to learn all there is to know where I've placed you. Without it, you will not be fit for the people I need you to reach.

Put aside your expectations. They are mediocre. My plans for you are nowhere close to what you have in mind. Be hopeful. Perseverance in this season will not be in vain.

There's value to the environment I have you in right now. My promise is not on hold. It continues. You're gaining knowledge and understanding, and with that comes wisdom.

I'm setting you up to be efficient and resourceful. Look beyond the present training ground. Understand that My method is in response to the cry of many.

This is not a detour in your call. It is acceleration. I'll open doors before you after this season has passed to lead you to places you never imagined.

Ultimately, you'll have what people need to overcome. You will cause a domino effect in the lives of others. Your insight will bring the answers to the problems in your realm of influence," says the Lord.

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