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It’s not all up to you! God’s sending help.

I’m impatient. So when God speaks, I plough through on my own. You’d think after all these years things would be different. Yet God still has to remind me that I’m not alone… it just FEELS that way sometimes.

The core of our ministry DNA is weaved through teamwork. Without my team, I couldn’t send you these daily words. If it wasn’t for my husband, I couldn’t handle the pressure of my mandate. We need others!

Now just because you feel like you’re in it alone… doesn’t mean that’s the truth. So take this word to heart. Allow it to give you perspective.

It's Not All Up To You! God's Sending Help

By Nathan Berry

If you're a leader seeking wisdom for those who follow you, then today's prophetic word is for you!

This is a word to those that God has called to get His patterns and plans for His people. You need to get the pattern, but the Lord wants you to know that you're not alone in coming up with the pieces that go into the blueprint He's set aside for you.

The Pieces to the Blueprint Are All Around You

“Allow my wisdom to guard you, and my plans to lead you. The plans that you've made have failed you because there are missing pieces to this plan. The wisdom that I want to give you will come through the peers around you.

Yes, the wisdom that I have for you will come from your co-laborers that are amongst you. You will not get a full picture on your own. For this is the way that I'm leading you. I cannot allow you to lead as a one-man show or the plan I've put together will be undone.

Outside Perspective is the Missing Piece

I'm leading my Church via collaboration and teamwork. I'm leading my Church with a blend of perspectives that make up the full picture that I have for Her. So no longer feel the pressure on yourself to get all of the pattern by yourself. Don't feel the weight solely on your shoulders to come up with the plan.

Yes, you're the one that will put the plan together. However, you'll get the pieces from others and you'll just be the one to lay it all out. So step back and listen to the multitude of counselors that are around you. As you take the time to listen, then you'll receive the full blueprint that I have for my people," says the Lord.


Take time daily to listen to those God has put in your life. You were specifically planted in that environment for a reason. God knows what you need, pattern maker. He has placed you in a lot that has all the pieces. You just need to step back, view all the pieces, and put them together.

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