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Institute A Network Of Favor In The Marketplace Today!

Updated: Jan 14, 2023

Imagine a network of marketplace believers able to open doors for each other. Like any vision, someone needs to lead the charge. If this burns in you, the Lord says, “It starts with you!”

The Lord went to great lengths to establish and give you favor. Find your network today and give the Lord license in your workplace.

Institute A Network Of Favor In The Marketplace Today!

By Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today's Word is for the ministers working in the marketplace, this is your all to unite

My time in the throneroom came with a lot of warfare today. As I prayed, I fought against gale-force winds and had to push past a heavy curtain that stood in my way.

Once I did, I asked Jesus what had happened. He told me His Esthers were under attack. Then He showed me a vision of marketplace prophets driven out of their workplaces by the enemy.

I watched satan arrange circumstances to overwhelm you. He piled up your workload and isolated you from your coworkers. The Lord then told me to share this word with you.

"My child, I called you to stand rooted in good soil so I can provide the nutrients you need to grow. Don't let the enemy use your circumstances to push you beyond what I called you to do.

Allow your roots to reach deep into the soil I planted you in. Make friends. Form connections and create contacts you can use to open doors for others. Your marketplace mandate is not for your benefit. I planted you for the undercover operatives and people I'll send after you.

They need you to create a network for my favor and blessing. A network that reaches beyond your plot of land and will entangle with the roots of others.

Recognize the disfavor and pushback of the enemy. He wrestles with you, and He delights in the stress you face. He revels in the helplessness you feel.

Satan knows the power you have. He understands what will happen once I have the license in your workplace. He fears you and will do whatever it takes to stop you.

Yet, my promise remains firm. You're the head and not the tail, you're above and not beneath. I anointed you to trample on serpents and scorpions. I gave you the power to wrestle against principalities and powers of the air.

Don’t let him tell you otherwise. Pick up your weapons of warfare. War in the spirit and rejoice in the natural. Praise my name for the trials and high expectations that your coworkers put on you. Rise above, become excellent, and I'll use what the enemy intended for harm to set you apart."

You're not alone in your warfare, prophet! Jesus sees you. Pick up your sword and tell the devil where you stand.

We're here to pray you through, but if you want the breakthrough, get the Strategies of War E-book. This book will expose the enemy in your midst and give you the strategies to overcome him.

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