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If what worked before isn’t working now, you need to read this prophetic word!

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

I remember when this happened to me.

I was a fire-breathing prophet ready to take on the world. God had a new plan for me though. He needed me to teach.

I fought Him tooth and nail! You know how it is with Jesus thought… who can resist Him? I accepted the call to the cross through that, The Way of Dreams and Visions book was born! When God removes your old season, it’s only to give you something new. Today, you’re reading this because I shifted seasons. What will YOUR shift do for you? Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. Pick up the Way of Dreams and Visions here and register for our Visions event in our Fivefold Ministry Campus! Tickets are free and open to the public! Click here to register:

If what worked before isn’t working now, you need to read this prophetic word! by Eloise Flanders

Run your race in grace

Today the Lord wants to encourage you to keep moving forward. You were in a season of plenty but now things have started to shift. What worked back then isn't working anymore. Doors have been closing on you and the people you trusted have been turning their backs on you. You may be wondering what happened.

The enemy is hot on your trail but the Lord is saying to you to not allow the sudden shift to stop you in your tracks. Don't look back! As one door closes another is being opened. Stay focused on the road ahead and take up the tools He has placed on your path.

This isn't one to stir up your feel-good moments, but it's a call to action. The Lord's opening the door before you and it's for you, prophet, to walk through it. I see the Lord closing the door to the old season in your life. He has set before you a clear track to go on but you're looking back.

Take a leap of faith and let go...

"My child, I've made a way for you and the next move is yours. I see that you're struggling to let go of the old season. You were doing so much, but now I'm calling you higher. I'm the one shifting your circumstances and not the enemy. The pressures that are upon you are a sign to change your trajectory. The enemy may be busy at work trying to get you to doubt that this is of Me. He has sent his agents to come against you.

I was the one who took you to the land you stand on. I arranged the circumstances and the people to get you to where you are today. I fed you by My own hand, and I'm calling you to trust Me in the next season. Where I'm taking you there's much more to experience and to do for My Kingdom. So, stop fighting My hand and let go of yesterday. Fix your eyes on what I have ahead of you," says the Lord.

The enemy is coming at you with everything he has to try to get you discouraged. He wants you to panic and to fix things in your own strength. But, the Lord is saying: stop! You have done all He asked of you to do and now it's time to expand your reach. It's time to take more land for the Lord.

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