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I Will Use You In The Marketplace

Here is a huge mistake everyone called to the marketplace makes. They think their calling is to raise enough money to support the church. Being called as a marketplace minister is so much more than that! It’s a call to open doors for others! Just as Joseph’s position gave his people a place of refuge, so also will your position open doors for the church.

Called to the marketplace? Think BIGGER than just the accumulation of wealth. You have quite the call on your life! I pray this word motivates you to embrace it!

Ending Note:

Called to the marketplace as a prophet? It could be that you are an ESTHER PROPHET! You need to listen to these podcasts to give you focus! The Esther Prophet, The Esther Anointing, The Esther Kryptonite

I Will Use You In The Marketplace

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is for those stationed in the marketplace wanting to bring change! You are the influence!

"Now Joseph was thirty years old when he entered the service of Pharaoh king of Egypt. And Joseph left Pharaoh’s presence and traveled throughout the land of Egypt." - Genesis 41:47

"I have placed you in a position of influence. I have made you ready to rule in Pharoah's court. I've arranged circumstances, and the doors are open before you walk through.

Lead the charge in taking territory for my Kingdom. My vision is to increase the wealth of the church like never before. It is for you to take advantage of every opportunity I arranged ahead of time for you.

My child, My will for you is to make way for others. Many await you taking your place. Take all you learned along the way and impart it to the younger generation.

Teach them to walk in wisdom and authority in this world. Help them break free of poverty and enjoy the world's wealth. The tools you acquired set you apart in carrying out this vision. Your work will influence a change of mindset in the church.

It is time for my people to see beyond their circumstances. Each one must take hold of the possibilities I orchestrated for them. Lead the charge to increase My influence in business.

Walk on every inch of the land before you. They will possess the ground they walk on. My people will know that I have called them out of financial bondage. Your job is to clear the way for them to follow, says the Lord."

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