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I've Sent Aaron To Meet You In The Wilderness

Updated: Dec 15, 2022

The reason why your circumstances just took a turn, is that God needs you to meet someone along the way. As 2022 starts to wind down, the Lord’s setting you up for the next leg of your race. This word is powerful to prepare you for what lies ahead.

Ending Note:

Are you a sponsor? If so, join us on 1st January for the New Years' word. If you aren’t a sponsor yet, become part of our tribe. Colette and I look forward to getting to know you.

I've Sent Aaron To Meet You In The Wilderness

By Denise Jordan

Today's Word is for those who've gone through a dramatic shift this year. 2023 will being you clarity, God's will is in control.

The Lord has a word of assurance for you today. If you’re someone who recently went through a dramatic shift in circumstances, this word is for you:

“Indeed My child, you stand at the brink of new land, and yes, even though it looks completely unfamiliar to you, this is where I’ve positioned you.

You will begin to shine in the grace I’ve poured upon you as you work this land. You will come to terms with your identity. Know that I’m with you, and that I’ve already sent my angels and servants ahead of you.

You don’t worry if you gained everything you needed in the season past. I’ve already called My servant Aaron to come and meet you halfway. I’ve arranged every circumstance and every person to help in this new season.

Don’t focus on the skills, or what you don’t know. I’ve made provisions for them already. You need to step out in obedience and do what I already told you to do. I protect this land with My hand. I've shielded it from the enemy's view. So, take a bold step across that threshold now, and embrace the season at hand,” says the Lord.

If this is you…I understand. God’s shifts in our lives can be challenging. Do as He said though, and put your faith in the Lord Jesus. Has He ever let you down? Has He ever forsaken you? You got this, and to help you in the process, I suggest you check out this powerful message by Apostle Colette Toach, “Navigate the Darkness - Finding Vision”

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