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I’ve Called You to Take Dominion!

A scale can tip with a few grains of sand. Prophet, don’t ever doubt your place! Be faithful to the assignment the Lord has given you. Your fellow prophets need you in position as part of a greater plan. Take your place again and tip the scales into the Lord's favor today!

Ending Note:

Happy New Year! May this year be one of much favor and blessing. Did you listen to the New Year’s word, by Colette? If not, don’t worry you still can.

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I’ve Called You to Take Dominion!

By Dalton Beckering

Today's Prophetic Word is to encourage the prophets who are being discouraged from their call!

Dear Prophet,

You love the Lord, but you’ve been distracted for a little while. You put down your prophetic sword and picked up the cares of this world. In your heart, you know this is true.

Before you get too far off track, the Lord has a word for you. Let it reignite your fire and get you focused on Him again.

“My prophet, why did you drop your sword? Why have you turned your face away from the battle? Don’t you see the space you created when you left your post?

I need you in position to hold the line and establish my work. You think so little of yourself but you are an important part of my plan. Set your sights on the enemy and attack. He is defeated, you have won, but the war isn’t over.

Lay aside your distractions. Give me your concerns. I am not going to leave you to crumble but you’re leaving my work to crumble. My people miss out on opportunities to meet me because your prayer isn’t covering them. My church misses opportunities for blessing because you aren’t fighting the enemy. Who am supposed to send them when I have already sent my prophet to defend them?

You Can’t See God’s Plan… But You Can Make One With Him.

God's Word for 2023: The Year of Joshua

Don’t you see how many lives are affected by your decisions? Can’t you see that people are hurting because of your disobedience? This is the weight I have put on your shoulders and it’s time to take it seriously again. Put yourself aside. Give up your complaints and excuses. Follow me to the cross to live a crucified life. There is nothing you hold on to that I can not easily replace in a moment.

Trust in me. Trust in my strength. Get back in line and submit to the assignment I gave you. Be a prophet! Remember your mantel, it is the most valuable thing you own. Never take it lightly again”

Let these words convict you prophet! Let your heart hurt and weep for a while. Your choices affect people in good and bad ways. Now that you’ve seen the repercussions, get up and make better choices. You are still anointed to do your job as a prophet.

If you need help sticking to your assignment, Apostle Colette Toach has you covered. Her book, Persistent Prayer will show you how to pray an assignment through until it is complete. 1,000’s of prophets use this book to see miraculous change. Get your copy here

Thanks for reading!

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