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I Promise, What You Got Is Good Enough!

Don’t you dare believe that it’s not enough! The world and the enemy eagerly tell you it can’t be done. Today’s word reminds you that Jesus empowers you. Take the anointing or gift you have and use it! You have more to offer than you realize. Each time you give what you have, you’ll tap into a neverending supply!

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I Promise, What You Got Is Good Enough!

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is for those insecure in their prophetic authority, the Lord says you are enough!

The Lord showed me an interesting picture for you today. In your hand was a tiny weapon. You felt hopeless and frozen in panic, comparing your armaments to the massive problem before you.

Do not panic! Take up your small tool and use it confidently. You're skilled at using both big and small weapons. This specific task requires a handy gadget.

The Lord gave me a word for you. Use what you got!

My Weapon Of Choice For You Is Good.

You Have What It Takes.

Have you forgotten the weapons of your warfare are not canal? They are powerful at dismantling the works of darkness. Be swift at dealing with the problem.

The enemy is loud. You do not need to match his scheme. Be gentle as a dove. With every weapon you use, big or small, you will see results every time, says the Lord."

"Though the battle seems large, my child, a small tool, will handle it fine. I will always give you the right instrument for the job. It is not the size of your weapon that matters. It is the application and precision with which you use it

The enemy wants you to believe you’re not armed correctly for this warfare. It is only a smokescreen, you see. Look closer and recognize that the problem is not as grand as he makes it.

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