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I’m stretching you beyond your comfort zone

I like my muscles to burn when I work out. If I hurt the next day, I feel like I got stronger! I’m kinda crazy like that. I like to feel like I’m growing! I’m like that with my spiritual life too. If I’m not growing, then I’m regressing! So don’t become frustrated because you’re facing a Goliath that stretches you. God only stretches you when He has faith in you. So embrace the burn! I promise… it’s worth it!

Ending Note:

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I’m Stretching You Beyond Your Comfort Zone

By Chaifa Berry

Today's Word is for those feeling stretched and challenged by their circumstances, God is calling you out of your comfort zones!

As humans, we love comfort zones. We like to feel that we are in control. But God has not called you to live in your comfort zone, nor to be in control of how your call should go. So He stretches you and gives you assignments out of your grasp. If you're feeling discouraged and want to throw your hands up in defeat, this word is for you,

"Though you feel stretched my child, it's not to discourage you and make you want to give up. For I stretch you because I desire for you to come to Me for wisdom, that you may grow. For if I gave you a field that you were comfortable keeping up with, you would never grow.

Like a master gardener, I did not call you to water one type of plant. I've called you to tend a garden in my Kingdom. There is more in a garden than one kind of seed. There are many.

And so you've watered and nurtured one part of the garden, but what about the rest? I need you to watch over the entire garden.

It is possible to do all things and to conquer every obstacle in your way. But you can't do it in your own strength. You're meant to run to me for wisdom and favor. For the way you've carried on will not work. And you will not succeed in looking after the field I've entrusted you with.

I bring you to this point so that you may run to me and get a plan and blueprint that you do not have.

Come to me and I promise you, child - I withhold no wisdom from you. For anybody who asks for wisdom, I pour it out liberally. I delight in giving you the shortcuts. I delight in showing you an easier way - so come get wisdom from Me, child - and I will show you an easier way. You will succeed and become capable of doing more for Me," says the Lord.

Personal Project:

1. Identify where you feel like giving up in on the call.

2. Instead of checking out, choose to check in with the Lord. Ask Him to give you wisdom on how to succeed.

3. Face your obstacle, and put in place God's wisdom.

4. Succeed.

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