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I’m Rewriting You For The Next Gen

God accelerated the prophetic move. The fire fell in our podcast studio today. The Holy Spirit made a clear line between the old and new gen. The prophet of yesterday broke ground. Today we need to build. Each of the fivefold are being positioned. So if you feel thrust into a new arena, then this word is for you. The Father’s making you next gen. Embrace the fire and shift. The church waits for you to power up! Love and blessings, Colette Toach Ministry News from the Toaches Register for the Prophetic Mentorship Program. Craig and I will spend 2 months investing in prophets ready to build! Come out of the wilderness and get commissioned! CLICK HERE

Today's prophetic word is for those who have been fighting to bring change! by Nathan Berry

Fighting for a greater portion of God's power? The key lies in receiving the mindset that can house that power. Listen closely as the Father instructs you on what's needed next to see His glory come upon His Church. This word is for those that are crying out for more of His power and a greater understanding of His plans.

You're Being Reprogrammed

“You’ve been along the way and you've experienced many things. Yet, there's more that I want and desire to show you. I’m shifting you to a community and environment that will reprogram you in a way that'll change you into a new vessel. You've come to me and asked me for a greater portion of my power. You've asked me for a greater understanding of my plans for my church. This is the way to receive that greater plan. You'll receive it by allowing others to challenge your mentality. You'll be shaped by the pressures and circumstances that seem to press in on you on every side.

The NextGen Mindset is the Key

My child, I've shaken your mind so that you can no longer think with your thoughts, but with my thoughts. I've shaken your mind so that you will think the thoughts that the Holy Spirit thinks through you. Allow this shaking to shake away the old way of planning. Let go of the old way that you structured. It's time to think in a new way. It's time to structure in a new way. The glory will come upon my kingdom when you begin to think in a New Testament, NexGen mindset. So embrace these pressures that I've arranged for you", says the Lord. "Then, you'll see my kingdom come and my will be done in this earth." Project: Follow the shift of the Father! Join the Prophetic Mentorship Program with Apostles Craig & Colette Toach. Here, you'll be in the environment needed to reprogram your mind and give you the NextGen mind you need to fulfill your calling -

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