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I'm calling you to training

The Holy Spirit is the ultimate trainer.

What you might not recognize is that He’s been training you all along. That pressure situation that brought the worst out of you? That unexpected meeting? That was God. He’s training you for your call.

Heed this word from God today. Stop pushing against the pressures and see them as a promotion! God deems you worthy to train you for His Kingdom. There is no higher honor!

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I'm Calling You to Training

By Eloise Flanders

Today's prophetic word is for those with a heart to serve that feel overwhelmed.

The call to servanthood is one of humility. You lay your life down to help others live victoriously through Christ. The Lord honors your willingness to serve before you can lead.

He placed you on a unique path to rid you of all your preconceived ideas of what leadership is. To lead well, you first need to serve well. The Lord is saying to you today...

"My child, when you accepted My call on your life, it was a call to servanthood. I knew exactly what I was doing when I anointed you for this call.

I'm the one who set you apart and placed you on this path to serve and learn. I placed you in an environment where you could get all you need to grow.

You're gaining wisdom and experience to lead My people. You need my heart and compassion to understand what they've been through. To train them up to be warriors in my kingdom.

Allow me to train you in loyalty and trust. You'll learn to work alongside a team and build alongside leaders to bring glory to My name. Everything you experience will be a tool to reach my people.

Be faithful in the small things and diligent in everything asked of you. In this, you're proving yourself to Me. Bring success to your leader and learn all there is to know under them.

Walk in obedience and throw your sword at your leader's feet. This is what qualifies you, as my servant. When you serve in love, you will lead in righteousness.

Today, you're an apprentice. Lead with faith and be patient in your season of learning. The process you're going through is exactly what you need to make you ready," says the Lord.

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