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I'm Anointing You With A Silver Tongue

It’s not a natural gift. Saying things in a way others receive it takes a lot of skill or… THE ANOINTING! Receive the impartation from today’s word because God’s got a blessing for you. He wants to anoint you. He wants to give you words that transform lives.

Ending Note:

Receive the impartation and skill set as a scholar of our Fivefold Ministry Campus. An anointed environment for growth, impartation and education in everything Prophetic, Apostolic, and Pastoral.

I'm Anointing You With A Silver Tongue

By Michael Velthuysen

Today's Word is for the leaders seeking wisdom and direction for those who follow them.

As I wrote this prophetic word I saw a group of leaders that the Lord was covering. You were seeking out answers for where to go next. This word is for you leader!

"My child, let me pour my honey on your lips so that my word goes out to my people. For indeed, you have sought me asking for wisdom, and today I am giving you that wisdom. I am giving you the honey to make every word of mine pierce that veil that my people have put between me. For I know that the next season will be one where I will seem distant, but my child - when you obey me, the steps you take will be of ME. So, even when the enemy comes to destroy you, with their snares and traps. Be not afraid - for I am with you and you are under my wing.

Allow me to paint this picture of beauty to you, when you seek Me, there I will be. To answer every time. So, when you cry out to reach my children know that I am giving you these weapons of victory to do so.

Reach My Children!

You wanted to reach my people, so use the tools that I have given you to accomplish that task. For each tool in your tool belt is used for a specific purpose. Use it today my children. Use the sword to cut away the darkness, use the anointing oil to bring healing to my people, and lastly use my voice to be the everlasting echo into my people’s hearts.

Take my fruit and let me show you my power every step of the way. Know that I am with you, my children. You are not facing this season alone. For just as the past season came and left - so shall this season too. Look to me for the instructions I am giving to you. For I will give you the puzzle pieces you need to fulfill my promise unto you. Don’t look to others to seek wisdom, but come to me. Let me show you the wisdom I have for you this day says the Lord."


1. Ask God for your first step of obedience this week

2. Write that obedience down

3. Follow and work hard at step 1, before moving to the next step of obedience.

4. Journal Daily to improve your obedience.

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