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I Have You on a Detour for a Reason

I love shortcuts. Wanna kill my flesh? Then make me take the longer route home. In Switzerland, we accidentally missed our turn-off and ended up extending our trip by an hour. I was mad! Yet if we hadn’t taken that route, I wouldn’t have the memories I do. Through mountain passes and sunkissed peaks, I experienced the country’s beauty. The detour turned out to be the best part of our stay.

Are you a bit like me? I understand, but don’t be so quick to get to the end of your training that you miss the treasures God’s got planned for you along the way!

Ending Note:

You know what you can do along this detour? GET TRAINED!! Sign up as a Scholar in our Fivefold Ministry Campus and make use of this time. Just you wait and see what God’s gonna do!

I Have You on a Detour for a Reason

By Denise Jordan

Today's word is for those who feel confused by their journey, this is your reminder that God is leading you!

Do you feel confused and unsure of why you’re walking the road you’re on? Don’t despair. This road has a clear purpose, and God is with you. He says to you today:

“My child, I see you walking in confusion. You wonder how you even got to the road you’re walking on. You’re unsure what you’re doing here, and wonder if what you’re doing matters.

I want you to know, this road is of Me. I purposefully sent you on this detour. I have a plan in mind. I need you to trust Me. This detour is protecting you. This is a circumstance I’m arranging.

I need you to take this road so I can ready that circumstance for you. Don’t despair or give up but keep on walking. Keep your heart close to Mine. Keep on listening for My timing, and My instructions, child.

For indeed, I want you to learn a few things along this road. It’s not just about you. Realize that even though it’s not the shortest route to take, I see a bigger picture than you do. I need you to walk in faith, listening for My gentle voice with each step.

I’m here! Don’t get frustrated or depressed. Don’t think you missed Me. Don’t listen to the lies of the evil one, for that’s what he wants. He wants you to give up. He wants you to think that you lost everything. Rejoice! For you’re exactly where I want you to be,” says the Lord.

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