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Has God Called You To Be A Spiritual Parent? Then This Word Is For You

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

As spiritual parents to the prophets, Craig and I are pretty much wrecked every time we visit a church. We see God's orphans. So many come from broken homes. They have broken lives. Not many are willing to put themselves in a place of re-parenting the broken. So if you're like us, then this word is for you.

There aren't a lot of leaders who are willing to get off the podium into the trenches. So if you are one of those, know that I honor you. I respect you. I pray this word imparts the anointing you need to heal, love and raise God's children. Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach P.S. Craig and I are hosting men's and women's meetings tomorrow They are FREE OF CHARGE and open to any believer. For the ladies meeting, I'll be sharing on body image and opening the zoom meeting for Q&A. I will be hosting as a spiritual mom. Come ready for unfiltered truth and a community that loves you the way you are. If you aren't already on our network, then please connect using the appropriate link:

Has God Called You To be a Spiritual Parent? Then This Word is for You by Deborah-Anne Velthuysen

Today, I heard the cries of a baby. As I sought the Lord I saw a newborn swaddled in a bassinet. When I asked the Lord for an interpretation, He said that this was one of His precious children in need of a home. I then saw the vision change as the Lord knocked on the door of a house, before leaving the child on the front steps.

The door opened to reveal a mother and father who seemed to be expecting the baby. They picked it up and immediately accepted the child as their own and took it into their home. Today’s message is for the spiritual parents waiting for the knock on the door. He turned to you and said:

“I beseech you, mothers and fathers. Hear what I have to say! I've given you children to nurture, equip, and prepare for the call I've placed on their lives. This is a responsibility I've given very few, for it requires a certain type of anointing and grace. I've brought you orphans of all ages, sons and daughters of varying ethnicity, that you may parent them according to My spiritual DNA.

You'll bring healing. You'll restore their masculinity and femininity. You'll raise them up in the way they should go, so they may never depart from Me. This is your creed as spiritual parents. However, this can only be done using My family DNA. I will first create this DNA in your families.

Fathers, I will work on your ability to affirm, protect, take care, and collaborate. I'll equip you with a spiritual blueprint for your family. I'll teach you a new way to discipline and mentor your children. I'll help you discover an aspect of your masculinity you never knew you had because this is the image I need you to give My sons and daughters.

Mothers, I'll work on your ability to instruct and teach. I'll show you how to stand on the law of the Father, to become the defender of your family, and to teach your children how to hear My voice for themselves. I'll impart to you an understanding of your own character that you may help My children understand who I've created them to be.

Together, the two of you will raise up My next generation of fivefold leaders. I'll bring you together as never before. So, expect the marriage conflict to arise. Expect hurts of the past to be uncovered, and work with Me to bring healing. For I'm making you into armor bearers that will watch one another’s backs as I lead you into battle.”

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