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Has God Asked You To Do Something Out Of The Box?

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Everyone thought Craig and I were crazy to leave South Africa and travel to Mexico in 1998. If we hadn’t taken the risk, you wouldn’t have this word in your inbox today. I’ve learned that with each risky step God asked me to take, He opened a door I could not open alone. So if you’re in transition today, know that you are in great company! You’re gonna do something incredible for the Lord! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. CALLING ALL MARKETPLACE LEADERS! Subscribe to our latest newsletter, “Your Place in the Marketplace” for weekly inspiration from Dr. Steve Greene, a leader in marketplace ministry. Click Here:

Are you in a season of transition? Then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Anne Chen

Has the Lord ever asked you to do something that sounds downright crazy? Everything in you may shout, "This is nuts!" But, isn't that the perfect circumstance for the Lord to bring a miracle? Like with Elijah at Zaraphath, it seemed crazy for the widow to give Elijah the last of what she had.

But, because she did - she became a testimony of God's goodness in the miracle that happened. God wants to use you to show His glory to all those around you. So, trust Him and step forward in obedience no matter what the situation!

"My child, you've cried out for Me to use you. So, I've positioned you in the perfect place for the light within you to shine and break through the darkness. All you may see is confusion and clutter around you. It's through what you can't understand that My voice will be loudest. This is where My love is most tangible and My power will speak through your obedience.

When I called Peter to step out of the boat, for a moment he may have been nervous. But then he heard My voice and saw My hand extended to him. This was all he needed to take the next step out of the boat and onto the water.

So, trust Me, My child. I'm right in front of you. I extend My hand and I'm calling you to do something crazy and impossible so that others may see My glory. I desire to use you so don't be afraid. Step out in joy despite what you see. Step out in faith for I'm always at your side. I desire to use you to bring My presence and My hope to those in darkness. As you do, you give courage to others to hear My voice, step out of their boats and also walk on water."

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