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God Wants To Place You In A New Spiritual Family

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

If this is your word, it’s going to change your life.

When God asked Craig and I to let go of some relationships, we struggled for years. Eventually, the Lord had to bring a sword. It hurt so much! Looking back though, I wish we had obeyed Him sooner.

If the Lord is cutting some ties, I understand. It hurts! It will hurt more if you let the relationship linger. Please let this word be the sword to set you free today.

Love and blessings, Colette Toach

Today's prophetic word is for you if you are being set apart from everyone else. by Dalton Beckering

The family you were born into isn't the one who has to finish raising you. There are no ties that you are obligated to fulfill. Blood doesn't keep you bound to them. Since you were born, God has called you to His purpose in His kingdom. Your people are His people. Take on God's DNA and forget what you know. You belong to the kingdom of heaven. This is God's word for you.

"Abandon what you know. Let go of the life you knew. You don't belong to a people. You belong to me. For my people have a tribe that binds them. They unite under my banner and under my will. My blood washes them clean of obligation.

It is my love that they are drawn to. So, my child, leave your past behind and enter into my culture. A culture that doesn't make excuses about why they can't succeed. A culture that doesn't reject my word. A culture that loves without expecting anything in return.

You want to be accepted by those whom I have separated you from. But they will not offer you happiness. You have brothers and sisters across the world who have more in common with you than you know. You have fathers and friends whose counsel will guide you. Their love will motivate you to serve me. But you cannot meet them while you represent a culture that they don't understand.

They have given their lives for me and so will you. So shed the old weight. Dive into this new anointing and meet your real family. They will love you and accept you as you are. But you must make the transition. You cannot live in two worlds. You will be eaten up and spit out. That is not my plan for you, my child. My plan is for you to discover your place and know who you are amongst my people. I am with you. Trust me and make the decision. "

The NextGen Prophets are first in line to welcome you into the kingdom family. Although your family is all you have known, they are not the only family God has for you. I should know. I left my twin brother and mother to serve the Lord. They were all I had... until I met the spiritual family God created for me. If you're struggling to make that choice, let me know! I can help you through it!

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