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God Wants to Give You an Upgrade in Spiritual Warfare

Assume the enemy is going to attack. This is probably the best advice I’ve ever given someone. As believers, we fall into the trap of trying to ignore the enemy exists. We don’t want to experience warfare, so we pretend it’s not there. DON’T DO IT! Rather... strategize! When you know your enemy, you know how to sidestep his advance.

Today’s word arms you. It educates you. It prepares you for war!

Ending Note:

For those called to a lifestyle of spiritual warfare, could you be a Gideon type prophet? You have just a few hours to find out! Our Prophetic Mentorship Package is counting down the minutes and seconds before we cut off enrollments.

God Wants to Give You an Upgrade in Spiritual Warfare

By Anne Chen

Today's word is for those of you facing warfare and are ready for a victory!

The Lord wants to give you an upgrade! As His warrior, your arm got strong from swinging your sword in battle. So the Lord wants to give you something new. Don’t rely on what you know. Allow the Lord to give you what He knows so you can become more effective against the enemy!

"My child, you have spent much time in battle, but now I call you to come to me. I want to give you new eyes to see your battlefield. You have grown strong with what you’ve known, but I want to show you something new. I desire to give you my wisdom for warfare.

Don’t rush out to fight when you see the enemy. The enemy has plans beyond what you can see from your perspective on the battlefield. I'll show you a different view so that you can see far more than what's in front of you. Learn to fight each battle according to my plans and not his. Defeat the enemy’s battle plan not just for today, but also for times to come.

So don't be afraid to put down your sword for a moment to sit at my feet. Come and learn from me. I trained your fingers for war. Now let me train your mind to think as I do. Let me show you how to see as I do. The next time you step on the battlefield, you'll emerge victorious to a far greater degree than you thought possible."

Project: Get God’s Wisdom for Warfare.

  1. In what 3 areas do you face warfare the most?

  2. Ask the Lord for wisdom about each area. What does He want to show you about your situation? How does He want you to pray or take action?

  3. Ask for His instructions and follow through.

A great way to get ready for the upgrade in warfare the Lord wants to give you is to make sure you are familiar with how the enemy works, and learn how to defeat him! Get the Audio Series: “Strategies of War - Spiritual Warfare for the New Move:

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