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God Sees What Your Family Did To You, He Wants To Be Your Shelter

Updated: Dec 24, 2022

The words, “You can pick your friends, but not your family!” filled my mind while trying to keep my peace, as “that” family member made a scene. I remembered thinking, “if only I was born to another family, I would not have to put up with this nonsense.”

Today your heavenly Father calls out to you today. He desires only the best for you. Including a place to feel safe and loved. Will you allow him to be your Father completely?

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God Sees What Your Family Did To You, He Wants To Be Your Shelter

By Jessica Toach

Today's Word is for those of you traveling this Christmas to be with family, especially those tough families.

You’re in conflict with your family. You have tried to keep the peace and smooth things over, but no matter how much you make peace, the fights spring back up as quickly as you put them out. God wants you to know He sees your efforts for peace and He wants to remove this burden from you. He wants you to know…

"I do not blame you for your father's sins my child, for I took you out of your father's house so that you might be set apart unto me. So why do you fight for the approval of your family? Am I not good enough for you? Have I not promised to take care of you and give you shelter?

For I bring you into my household and my dwelling place. As you rest under my shelter, I will take care of you and your need and the cares of your household. So leave your father's house, leave his covering so that it will not defile you. Come and find rest knowing that I am your father

I have a new family waiting for you, my beloved. I have prepared a new life for you. Now I ask you to accept me as your father. Give me the place of honor you give to your father. For in every way you respected and looked up to him, put me in his place.

For in this time, you will know my nature as your protector, your provider. A father that loves and adores you. A father that has prepared the very best for you, my child. I have so much in store for you. Come know the work of my hand and be an outcast no more."

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