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God Says, "It's Time For An Upgrade!"

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Craig is never without his Leatherman! It's saved us in many a sticky situation! When he puts his woodworking skills to work, he needs a bigger tool. Yet I watch Craig struggle with the screwdriver on that Leatherman for a minute before he clicks... and reaches for his electric drill.

It's hard to let go of our favorite tools! More so in ministry. I clung to my prophetic grace for years after God needed me to make a shift to the apostolic! This word comes with a promise - God wants to give you an upgrade. With the promise comes a price though... are you ready to relinquish the Leatherman? Love and blessings, Colette Toach P.S. On the 25th Craig and I will host a guest speaker, Dr. Steve Greene. The topic is, "The Holy Spirit in the Marketplace" and the event is exclusive to sponsors. JOIN THE TRIBE!

If your season of training is coming to an end, then this prophetic word is for YOU! by Eloise Flanders

As I prayed for you today. The Lord gave me this vision of Him handing you new weapons. Up until now, your weapon of choice worked. You have come to love your swiss army knife and letting go is a struggle.

He wants to give you an upgrade. As you mature you will need new weapons. It is time to switch things up. The Lord has taken you through one phase of training and that means you are at a higher level of warfare.

The Lord is saying...

"My child, your spiritual muscles are stronger now and you can carry a much bigger tool. It is time to make a switch. The enemy will up his game and so must you. Your strategy of war must level up. So Get ready!

I called you higher. Get familiar with my handbook. Choose to walk in faith, hope, and love. No warrior goes out confused about their functions and gains victory.

Step out knowing that victory is already yours. Stand with confidence and focus My promise is yours to gain. No more walking out on the battlefield insecure and blind.

When you walk out of the throne room and onto the land you will have a good idea of what you are doing and how to get the job done."

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