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God's Word To The Women: I Desire To Unleash Your Battle Cry

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

Only the Lord knows the shame and rejection you've faced over the years. After being told to sit down, be quiet and "behave" you begin to drop the spiritual sword God has given you. Today, you will receive a word to empower you!

Jesus stands ready to heal you. Then He will equip you and then He will release you to fight on behalf of others. So reach out! Take His hand and receive your healing today. Love and blessings, Craig and Colette Toach P.S. Join me, Denise Jordan, and the rest of the Next Gen Prophet ladies in our Kingdom Women circle. The fellowship is completely free and is for the purpose of collaboration and fellowship amongst like-minded women. Click here to enroll:

Today's word is for my fellow Kingdom women. by Denise Jordan

Your Father wants to draw out your identity and pour His confidence into every fibre of your being.

I see you standing before the Lord's throne. Chest heaving, sweat dripping, and legs shaking, you, warrior princess, stand before your King. He speaks but you hear His voice through a veil of insecurity. He beckons you to come, but you see His movements filtered through the veil before you.

"Did I do enough?" "Did I successfully complete the mission the King gave me?" "Am I worthy of His time?"

These questions whirl through your thoughts like snowflakes in a blizzard. You are unsure what to say, but the Father calls out to you, saying:

“My beloved daughter, I welcome you to My throne room. I’ve been eager for you to come here so I could speak with you. You’ve been on a long journey. I was watching over every step you took. I saw every mountain you scaled, and tasted the sweat falling from your brow. I felt the scars on your hands that formed from tightly holding your sword while waging war.

I sympathized with your exhaustion when you took a drink from the cold, gentle brook. I saw you, and even now I see you, My love. You can come to peace now. You’re in My presence and I’m here to equip you for your next adventure. It’s time for you to fully enter into My inner courts, child.

You feel embarrassed of the fight you had to endure to get here. You feel stressed that it took you so long. You feel like you should have run faster. You feel like you should have been more graceful as you overcame the enemy opposing your every step. But, My daughter, I want you to know that none of this matters any longer. Pick up the sword dangling off your waist once more and tear the veil of insecurity before you. You're enough! You're beautiful, and I love you more than words can even describe!

I want to show you My love, and hold you closely against My heart. I want to clothe you afresh, and assure you that you're mine, and that I have a plan for you to go out and set My captives free. But, before you march off, let go of your insecurities for they're of your own making. Some of them you even took on because the enemy whispered lies into your ear. My princess, rise up now and unleash the battlecry within that will launch you into My loving arms where I will pour healing balm upon your heart, and raise you up with a security that I give you about yourself.

You are precious to Me, and I call to you to boldly jump into My lap now, for I wait for you longingly,” says the Lord.

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