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God's Shifted You And Closed Some Doors

Updated: Jun 1, 2022

On Thursday I had a word from God for you. I shared that God placed you before an open door. When I read this word by Apostle Nathan, I felt the Holy Spirit all over it! When God puts a new door before us, He also closes doors that aren't of Him.

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Are you confused by the closed doors around you? This Prophetic Word is For You! by Nathan Berry

This word is for you if you've been praying for a new season. Yet, all you seem to experience is roadblock after roadblock. Don't worry. The enemy hasn't gained license. You're not being hindered because of a failure you've made. The hand of the Father is upon you. Your steps have been ordered by the Lord. This word will help you to see the new season that lies in front of you.

Shift - Your Direction Has Been Changed

“My child, I'm changing your direction. It's me that blocked your path. It's me that closed the doors to the opportunity that you sought after. You've asked me to do something new. You've prayed for revival. You've requested that I close the doors of the old season and begin a new season in your life.

This is why I'm closing doors before you. This is why I'm asking you to stop doing the same things that you've always done. I've been surrounding you with people that challenge the way you walk out your calling. This isn't to squash your voice or to hinder your progress. This is to shift the focus of your calling. This is to establish your footing on a new road.

New Season = New You

I've answered your prayer, my child. Now is the time to allow your direction to be changed. Now is the time to invest into the new relationships I'm sending you. Now is the time to take opportunities that you would not normally take. In order for you to walk out the new season, you will need to first let go of the old one.

I'll teach you to hear my voice in a new way. I'll teach you to minister with a different anointing. I'll begin to bring about different results in the lives of those that you reach out to. When you see all these changes taking place, don't be alarmed. I'm not taking away the anointing. I'm not punishing you for doing anything wrong. My child, I'm simply imparting to you something new. Yes, I'm opening the door of the new season that you've prayed for", says the Lord.


Look at the last 2 months in your life and do the following:

  1. List the things you've always done that always worked, but suddenly stopped working?

  2. List the relationships have always helped you, but suddenly seem to have gotten rocky?

  3. List the opportunities that have been opposed by people and/or circumstances that usually are not opposed.

As you look at this list, you'll begin to see the things that you need to let go of. These are part of your old season. As you release these things into the hands of the Father and ask Him for fresh direction, your eyes will begin to see the season that the Father is revealing right in front of you.

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