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God’s giving you a green light

When God gives you the green light, don’t expect a sudden rush of emotion or sirens to go off. Instead, everything will get really quiet in the spirit. Circumstances will be on hold. You will pray and get no response in return.

If this is happening to you, be encouraged! The Lord is quiet because He already told you what to do and He waits for you to take a step of faith. Take a step! Then the revelation will flow again. Confirmations will come and your emotions will catch up.

This is a pivotal time in your life! Don’t wait anymore, but step out knowing that God’s got your back!

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God's Giving You the Green Light

By Chaifa Berry

Today's prophetic word will bring confirmation that now is the time to move!

When I came to get a word from the Lord, He showed me a vision of you at a stop light. You didn’t move, even though the light was green. God says that He waits for you to make a move.

“My child, I wait for you to take your first step of faith. For as you step out, your actions release My power. With each step of faith you take, momentum builds, and circumstances line up in your favor.

So don't wait for the right emotion to fall upon you. It will not happen. Instead, step out in obedience to Me.

The first step to start is often hard, but you must overcome the pressure to delay. Once you get moving, I’m there to meet you. I’m there to arrange circumstances in your favor.

I can create something out of nothing with My words, but you give me license to work. It's your actions that release my angels to their duties. Your obedience to my word is what makes all the difference.

So, don’t focus on how uncomfortable the first step is. Instead, focus on the fact that you pass the baton to Me with your action. You give me license to lead you towards success. Take that one step of obedience that is before you this day and pass me the baton to do my part,” says the Lord.

Practical Project: Make the First Move.

  1. Identify the "green lights" in your life. What obedience is God waiting for you to do?

  2. Don't delay. Do one action right now to obey that instruction

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