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God Promises To Save You In The Lion's Den

Updated: Jun 2, 2022

A line in this word struck me: God didn't save Daniel from the lion's den, God saved Daniel in the lion's den! You feel surrounded. You see no way out. Perfect! You're in a position for God to do something miraculous!

So embrace the miraculous today as you watch God reach into that system and show off on your behalf! Give God His honor and in return, He will honor you! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Craig and I were able to secure Dr. Steve Greene to speak on bringing the Holy Spirit into the marketplace! Dr. Greene is renowned for his work in leading industries as well as the CEO of Charisma Podcasting Network. He will honor us by imparting to our tribe of Next Gen Prophet sponsors. This is just one benefit of joining our tribe. Do you want to become a sponsor? CLICK HERE to see how we can support one another.

Are you feeling overwhelmed and outnumbered? Then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Anja Sager

As I sought the Lord today, He showed me someone who has to work under unfair conditions. The pressure is high and you feel left alone with all the tasks and difficulties you have to juggle. You want to give up and quit for surely there must be an easy way out. Child of God, if God placed you in the marketplace where rules are often cruel, there's most likely no easy way out. God didn't save Daniel from the lion's den but He saved him in the lion's den. Know that God will make a way as you look unto Him and hold tightly unto the promises He has given you. May this word bless you.

"I'm not handing you difficult situations to punish you, My child. I gave them to you because I entrusted you with the solution for it. As My child, you wear a tool belt of raw power around your waist. Your words spoken forth in prayer hold the power to change systems. Your faith in Me put to action can move mountains.

The secret lies in seeing the bigger picture. The situation you are in, isn't just your situation. It isn't about you surviving and coping with another day. It isn't about you accepting the unfair situations and going through them humbled. Look around you, My child, and see that there are many burdened with the same problems and unfairness that you are.

See the injustice in the system you're working in. Recognize the work of the enemy who's ruling this world with the goal to steal, kill, and destroy My people.

You don't just go about your daily work to provide for your family and your own needs. You're in the workplace because I need you to shine My light and to help bring a better way for My people.

Look into My eyes today and see the good plans I have for you - plans of hope and a future; not plans to destroy you but plans to elevate you. So, set your gaze on Me and hold tightly unto My promise for you today.

Just as I saved Daniel out of the lion's den, so will I save you in the situation that was meant to destroy you. And just as Daniel's story changed the course of a nation, so will yours change the course of the field I have placed you in.

Don't be discouraged because of the hardship that you're going through. You have focused on the negative for too long, My child. Now, focus on My promise instead and know that I will help you turn this situation around. Through you, I'll open the door for My people and bring solutions that will benefit many."

Daniel prayed three times a day to God to praise Him, seek Him for wisdom, and release His will into this earth (Daniel 6:10). Start right there and do the same. Discover the tremendous power you hold in your hands through prayer.

If you need help on how to go about it, I can highly recommend Apostle Colette's book "Persistent Prayer."

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