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God Has Made You A Passionate Trailblazer. Don’t Apologize!

Updated: May 21, 2022

It’s because you're passionate the people have likely told you to be silent. Today the Lord wants you to know that He made you to be passionate! He created you to rock the boat. Sure, it’s not comfortable at times. However, you cannot deny who the Lord made you to be. This is your identity and the enemy is trying to attack it. So today, reclaim your identity. Don’t give him a foothold. Love and blessings Colette Toach

Have you felt like your passion is wasted? Then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Anne Chen

When Ezra heard about the Israelites intermarrying with all the Canaanite nations around them, he tore his coat and pulled hair from his head and beard (Ezra 9). He prayed, confessed, all the while weeping and throwing himself down before the house of God. Ezra was being dramatic for sure! But, the passion that he had for God was God-given and so is the passion the Lord put in you. Here is the best part: Your passion - how you express it and walk it out - is unique to you. God doesn't make cookie cutter people. Realize your value to Him and the kingdom is in how different you are to everyone else.

"My child, just like in nature I haven't made two snowflakes, two sunsets, or two jewels the same, so have I not made anyone else like you. Your every imperfection is what makes you unique. You're precious in My sight, and valuable to My Kingdom. Each aspect of your journey has made you exactly the vessel that I desire to use to bring change to My people.

Don't hide away what the enemy used to tear you down. Look to those things that were reviled and denounced. Within the places that you feel the most shame are the weapons of warfare you've learned to wield against the enemy. In the wounds you received lies the healing balm that I desire to pour out upon My people.

Don't let the enemy cloud your vision, nor shame silence your voice. Approach every aspect of who I made you to be with My eyes. For what you find commonplace and simple in the right hands is a mighty weapon to take down giants and overcome every obstacle that besets you.

Lift your head and see with unveiled eyes what I created in you. Your journey has forged you into the weapon in My hand that will take down the enemy in unexpected places. You'll raise up those no one thought to touch to build My army of warriors that will fight for My bride. I love you, My child! Stand boldly in the evidence of that love which is found in every aspect of who you are. Don't let shame blind you to My handiwork and to how My Kingdom will be built through you."

If you want to learn about how your differences are a part of God's plan for His church, check out the #NextGenProphets podcast: You Were Born for Such a Time as This. Now Embrace Your Destiny, Prophet! (Ep. 168)

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