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God Did It Before And He Will Do It Again!

You’ve got more faith than you realize!

Every battle you overcame, your faith increased. So even though your problem might seem huge, don’t forget… YOU GOT HUGE FAITH TOO! Here is something God showed me once.

When I was struggling with a financial burden, He took me to all the times when He provided. He said, “Go back to those times in your mind and feel that faith from back then. Now, use that faith TODAY!”

You don’t start from scratch with every faith challenge. No, faith grows. So grow your faith. Pick up my teaching Progressive Faith: The Power to Make Things Happen and take down that problem!

Love and blessings Colette Toach

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Today's Word is for the believers with their faith out for a miracle! by Jodia Mattison

Your circumstances sometimes get the better of you. Sometimes you forget about the previous battles you faced and overcame. Like the children of Israel before the Red Sea, you panic. God says you need to trust Him.

"My child, I have never left you nor let you go. You start to panic as you feel the circumstances surrounding you and because you don't know what to do. Take your eyes off your circumstances today and turn it over to me. I will cover you on the battlefield. Take refuge and confidence in me. I am your joy and your strength. I am your refuge. Before the break of the day, I am ready as your covering. Nothing can move you because I am in you. I am immovable.

Look to me, my child, for I want you to rest in my will and power. My power is your strength. Have faith in me; I will carry you. You have seen my very works in your life. Is this circumstance any different? I gave you the power to overcome. Now I call you to stand in that conviction. Walk in my victory today. I know what you are capable of, do not fight my hand. Trust that I know where I am taking you. I have never failed.

Your circumstances will know who I am. I will be exalted and established in your life. Come, take my hand and walk with me to partner with you today on the battlefield. I am the one who will give you wisdom for the steps ahead. Take it and walk this road I called you on. For as I stand in your life, fear and doubt disappear. Get up now, for I forged in you a heart to fight. Stand and fight; You are not afraid. You are immovable."

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