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God believes in you more than you believe in yourself!

If you can’t trust yourself, then trust Jesus because He never fails!

The Lord corrected me once and said, “If only you had more faith in me to elevate you than you had in yourself to fail!” I was so convinced I would mess up, that it never occurred to me that God was bigger than my insecurities!

We need His grace. We need His power. He chose you because you are weak and foolish. When He adds His strength to you, you are immovable! So don’t have faith in yourself today. Have faith in Jesus because He has faith in you!

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God Believes in You More Than You Believe in Yourself!

By Chaifa Berry

Today's word is for those battling with doubt, a reminder that you've been chosen specifically!

God believes in you more than you believe in yourself. Don't be afraid of the tasks that He’s given you. He’s anointed you for the job and He promises He'll never leave you.

Indeed, every time you step out in obedience, He reveals more of His plans to you. You discover that He wants to use you for far more than you realize.

“Time to go higher, says the Lord, for the mountain peak that you’ve been looking at is only one peak of many. Now that you’ve arrived, you see that there's more to be conquered. But don't get overwhelmed. For I've mapped out the land before you. I’ve highlighted your first steps and as you step out in faith, the land is yours.

For indeed, your vision is limited and your mind restricted. But my vision for you is beyond what your spiritual eyes can see. It's more than your mind can imagine. For you’ve fought to complete the assignment that I’ve given you and indeed, I’m proud that you’ve seen it through.

Yet, it's but a small part of my plans. Because you’ve been faithful with the portion I’ve given you, today I honor you and I multiply your talents. I give you more responsibility in my Kingdom, and I know that you'll do well, because I have prepared you.

Do not fear, my child, for I've equipped you and I'll continue to shape you to accomplish my plans. I don’t send you out alone, but I send you out with my power and anointing. I send you out as one with my seal and authority. Where you go, child, I'll be with you. There's no limit to how much you can do for Me, in My Kingdom,” says the Lord.

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