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Forget what other people told you.

Bind the words of the enemy in your ears today. You are good enough. You are capable enough. You are anointed enough. All that’s left is for you to do something about it!

This world will only see your true potential when you use it. So use it this week. Get up! Push past your self-doubt and lead the way. Everyone else is counting on you to step up!

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If you're facing doubts and worry that you're following God's will, then today's prophetic word is for you!

by Eloise Flanders

As I sought the Lord for a word for you today, He said to remind you of His promise: "I will scatter the enemy in seven directions before you."

I revealed the enemy's plan to you. Before then, you were unsure if you heard Me right. You lacked confidence and saw yourself incapable of this assignment.

You were paralyzed in fear and doubt that you were the one to carry out this vast plan to take the enemy out. Where I called you to take dominion, I've prepared you. All I needed was a yes from you.

My child, lead my people to victory! I've given you my promise before you step foot on the land that it's yours for the taking. Don't see defeat. Only do what I've commanded before the enemy sets his plans in motion.

I took time to prepare the right person for the job. That person is you. Gather my people and teach them how to take ground. Reveal My plan to them to give them hope. Position them to stand on my word until it comes to pass.

My record speaks for itself. I always go before my people to arrange circumstances ahead of time. At the sound of the alarm, you'll have victory over the enemy.

I'll see to it that his plans crumble to the ground. Take what I've shown you, and disclose it to My people. Take territory in this generation and prepare the way for the next generation to come," says the Lord.

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