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For the evangelist whose been called to teach

Updated: Aug 11, 2022

It’s always uncomfortable when the Lord transitions you from one fivefold call to another. Even more so for the evangelist! You’re used to the Holy Spirit showing up and taking over. So when the Lord transitions you to a teaching call, it can catch you by surprise.

For those in this uncomfortable season - this word will impart life and fresh perspective to you!

Ending Note:

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For the Evangelist Whose Been Called to Teach

By Nathan Berry

Today's prophetic word is for the evangelist in the transition toward teaching! Push through!

This is a word for those who have swung their axe and it suddenly lost its effectiveness. What you've always done before, just isn't working anymore. The anointing you're used to functioning in seems to be waning. What's wrong? Nothing's wrong at all. You're just an evangelist transitioning to function as a teacher. The Father has a message for you:

Greater Precision is Required of You

“My child, pay close attention to the next steps that I'm leading you to take. There were many roads that led you to where you are today. Yet, these next steps will be very specific. I will ask you to drop some of the tasks that I've had you do for many years. This is because I need you to learn new tasks.

I will ask you to wield a scalpel though you are used to wielding an axe. This is because the function I need you to complete needs greater precision. My church around you is in need of surgery. I'm calling on you to perform the surgery that is needed.

The Anointer of Kings, the Appointer of Apostles, and the Birther of Ministries

The Prophetic Mentorship Package

This is Not Warfare. You're in Transition.

Notice that I've been challenging you to pay attention to small details in your life. Taking care of tasks as usual has not been good enough anymore. You need greater accuracy. You're being prepped to renew the minds of my people and to ready them for the new heart that I desire to give them.

So push through this time of learning new skills. You're not facing opposition from the enemy. You're not hitting warfare through your circumstances or relationships. You are being challenged to become a vessel that can cut away the doctrines that have held my people in bondage", says the Lord.


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