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Find wisdom in the middle of this battle

Storms have a way of messing with our perspective. One minute you want to take on the world and then the next, you doubt every decision you made!

Today’s word is very clear: shift your perspective. Take it off the storm and on to solutions. No matter how confused you feel, Jesus has the wisdom you need today. He wants to grant you wisdom! So shift! Shift from the impossible.

You have more on your side than the enemy has on his. Never forget that!

Ending Note:

Pick up your sword and fight! Get armed with Prophetic Counter Insurgence and Prophetic Warrior books. Don’t feel defeated ever again!

Find Wisdom in the Middle of This Battle

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is confirmation for those who have been seeking the Lord for wisdom and direction!

"Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom: and with all thy getting get understanding." - Proverbs 4:7

Getting wisdom from the Lord should be your first troubleshooting strategy. Take a moment to get God's perspective to tackle the mountain standing before you. He delights in guiding you out of harm’s way.

The Lord's word for you is, "Seek My face in times of trouble." He has the answers you need to troubleshoot the right way. In times of crisis, He wants to be your first resort.

"My child, take a moment to seek out wisdom to find a resolve. Set your eyes on Me, I have a way out for you. Your panic gives the enemy an upper hand. The first plan of action is to cast out fear!

With your focus on the problem, depression and anxiety will take over your mind. The enemy has a chance of leading you off in the wrong direction. The second course of action, stand in your place of authority!

Come to peace and give Me license to step in. I have never failed you. When given the opportunity, I always show up. I will redirect your path.

Stand in faith and speak into your circumstances until they come in line. My word is a force. Use it to command mountains to come into obedience.

Angels stand ready to move on your behalf. Do not bow down to the enemy's devices. Take authority over the Princes of the air and give Me licenses in the systems of the world.

With that, you will see My hand at work. Your posture in Me makes the difference in your life. If you seek Me today, I will not without My blessings from you.

Look up from where you are today and see hope on the horizon. Allow Me to navigate you through your season of hardship. In the end, you will have a good report, says the Lord."

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