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Fight... You're Standing On A Gold Mine, And The Enemy Wants It!

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The term, ‘stake your claim’, comes from the early pioneers. When they found a piece of land they wanted, they would drive a wooden stake into the ground to claim their land. From that point in all directions, the land belonged to them.

As a blood-bought Child of God, your land, was claimed on Calvary. That means you don’t need to fight for it. However, give your land up willingly, it becomes open game for the enemy claim.

Don’t listen to the lies of the enemy. Rather put your eyes on Jesus and let Him help you uncover the treasures that await you.

Ending Note:

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Fight... You're Standing On A Gold Mine, And The Enemy Wants It!

By Deborah-Anne Velthuysen


Today's Prophetic Word is an encouragement for everyone working hard on their mandate!

Fired up, you began to break up the hard ground. As you did, I saw mighty winds try to push you away, while crows pecked at your face.

People questioned you, "Why'd you insist on plowing such ‘fallow’ ground?" You sought the Lord and asked if you'd missed Him.

I saw the Lord smile at you. He placed His hand on your shoulder and said;

"Don't rush. Stand firm on the land I've given you. The enemy intends to push you and make you doubt the gift I've given you. He knows what pearls of great value I've hidden within the hard ground.

The enemy will send circumstances to push you. People will question the logic of your decision. Finances will dry up and distractions will knock on your door. These are ploys of the enemy.

Don't let their urgency move you. Stand in faith. I confirmed My promise to you. Now dig, and build on the land before you. As you break ground to establish the blueprint I've given, you'll find favor.

Doors of blessings will open, and you'll find connections with those who match your fire. They'll work alongside you to help establish My kingdom. Find refuge when you pick up your sword. Rebuke the enemy, and he will flee.

Build with a trowel in one hand and a sword in the other. The enemy will not wait for you or give you time to rest. Be vigilant, look out for his attacks. Find ways to counter him.

Be active in your warfare. I will give you the strength, wisdom, and anointing needed to complete this mandate before you."

Don't let the enemy bully you from your promise. Take ownership of the land before you, and read; "Strategies of War - Battle Plans for the Modern Day

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