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Exchange Your Unchecked To-dos For Vision

We all have tasks that need to be done. But what takes away your ability to be effective, is carrying the guilt of unfinished tasks. They plague, your every thought and you don’t get to them. You’ve fallen prey to the enemy! Today give your list to the Lord and let Him give you, His vision. With His vision, you will find your feet again and accomplish every task.

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Exchange Your Unchecked To-dos For Vision

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is for you if you are feeling stressed by the overwhelming work before you.

The Lord is not disappointed with you! It is not His nature to distance himself from you when you don't do everything right. Today He reminds you that your unmarked goals did not derail you from His plans.

The Lord desires to reveal His to-do list with you. He wants to partner with you, to reach these goals. Together you move towards new set goals.

I Am Wiping Your Slate Clean.

"My child, many possibilities await you. Break free from the shackles of disappointment. There are new mountains to climb and valleys to travail through. Refrain from wasting time on what you did not do.

Look ahead at what I am yet to do through you. Give your plans over to me. I have new things in store for you. Dwelling on disappointments causes you anxiety and blocks your view.

Exchange your unchecked goal list for vision. Beyond your failed goals is experience. Behind your missteps is wisdom for the future. See that you are making progress every time.

Ahead Of You Are Endless Possibilities.

Turn your head away from your checklist. All the missed opportunities were not in my will for you. You are right on track from where I stand. Look ahead.

My plans are always to bring you plenty of opportunities. Your future is bright in my hands. See that I am closing the door behind you. Let go of what could have been to take hold of what will be moving forward.

Reach out for my hand to walk you through the open doors ahead. I call you to walk on water yet again. Beyond those doors is hope for the future and a planned, expected end, says the Lord."

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