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Everyone Calls You Crazy. I Call You A Trailblazer

It’s a price to be different. No war was won being safe though. So I guess your crazy is just what Jesus needs! So don’t be discouraged if people don’t understand. He’s positioned you and intends to use you to build bridges and roads for others. You’re not alone! Jesus got you!

Ending Note:

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Everyone Calls You Crazy. I Call You A Trailblazer

By Chaifa Berry

Today's Word is for those called out to blaze a trail!

God is a creator and He made you in His image. He’s called you to create a new path and to come up with solutions that the world has not seen. Let that fire burn in you and lead you to blaze a trail. Follow God’s lead into the unknown. This word is for the trailblazers.

If God has called you to step out on a path that nobody has created before you, don’t be afraid. Follow the fire within you, step out…

“I’ve called you to blaze a trail and to build bridges where there was none before. I send you out to discover new territory that has not been reached. I’ve called you to tread the unknown. So don’t run from the fire that is within you. Don’t run from wanting more and desiring to break out of the status quo.

For that fire is from me. It is a flame that I’ve put in you from your mother’s womb, and so I call on it and Ignite it within you. When you feel the restrictions around you and the walls close in, let it push you to new heights. Let it move you to create a new path. For that is what I’ve called you to do.

I’ve called you to create a way where there was no way. So step out of the limitations put on you. Break free of the mindsets that conform you to the status quo. Go where angels fear to tread.

You are my trailblazer. What others fear to do, you will succeed. For in their minds, you are not sound. But it is My mind that I’ve put in you. What didn’t work for others, my child - will work for you. What was hard for others, I have graced you to succeed in.

So step out into the unknown. Do what hasn’t been done before. Break out of the mold and create a pathway for others. For indeed, the next generation will walk on the path that you create today. Keep pushing through the resistance my child, for every path you take, is a new path that others will take. What you fight for, the next generation will use to launch out into the depths of my plans. Don’t be afraid.”

Practical Project:

  1. What assignment does God have you on?

  2. What can you do that nobody has done before you?

  3. Ask God for wisdom and instruction.

  4. Apply His direction.

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