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Equip The Next Generation Through Your Prophetic Words

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The process you went through has positioned you to change the church. That’s why the Lord taught you how to speak His words of life through prophecy. Take what you have learned in the wilderness and apply it in the environment the Lord has positioned you. The next generation needs your expertise to find their place.

Ending Note:

If you have been called to step out of your wilderness phase and feel uncertain, let Colette and I help you with this podcast… Take the Risk, Prophet - Leave Your Wilderness to Lead the Charge (Ep. 347)

Equip The Next Generation Through Your Prophetic Words

By Michael Velthuysen

Today's Prophetic Word is for every prophet who has a message for the church. This is your call to share!

"We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith;" - Romans 12:6

Prophet, the Lord has a precious gift for you, the gift of prophecy!

You've cried out to Him. Today He answers your call. This word isn't for the local church prophet. It's for those who'll go on to instruct those around them.

I saw you standing in the middle of an empty field when God called you to build His city in rich soil. To build alongside fellow warriors and create a fortress for His church. When you prophesy, your words will be sharp as a sword. The Lord says;

"Open your mouth and speak. As you do, I'll make every word razor-sharp to cut through circumstances and command the enemy to flee. I have positioned you to speak. Watch my power come through. Prepare the soil for my church to build upon it!

Prophesy to the nations. Sound the trumpets. Call out the strong and capable in my church. Stand alongside them and build the blueprint I've given you.

You need your fellow warriors to dig up the soil and build with you. Together, you'll start a prophetic movement. Together you'll equip the next generation to build a city on a hill. Every word you speak will cause the enemy to flee in a thousand directions.

Stand up and prophesy! Let my word go out and echo for eternity! Today you build, and tomorrow you'll enrich my people with the gift of prophecy!

Obey my instructions and collaborate with those I've called you to build at your side!"

Thanks for reading!

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