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Enter A New level Of Freedom Through Worship

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When was the last time, you had a good worship time with the Lord alone? I’m not talking about church on Sunday, that is only one type. I am talking about just you and Jesus, getting down!

This type of worship is the fastest way to break free of all the burdens you carry. A quick tip: Don't go on your feelings if you feel weighed down. Just get into worship and push through to liberty. Not only does it build a positive spiritual template, but it’s also a tool you can use in the future to help others when you lead worship. So put on your linen ephod, and dance like David danced with Jesus!

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Enter A New level Of Freedom Through Worship

By Bethany Sealy

Today's Prophetic Word is a call to worship for everyone! Shake off the weights and praise!r

You’re called and positioned to lead worship. You’re talented. You’re anointed. So why aren’t the people worshipping? You lead them in spirit and truth. You pour out from the depths of your soul and pull out every stop to engage your audience. So why don’t they feel the anointing? Why aren’t they experiencing His presence?

Today, the Lord reminds you of the power of your surrender in worship.

“Beloved, I love the enthusiasm of your worship. You move to my heartbeat and you flow in the rivers of my presence. But worship is more than just a song or a dance. Worship is exchanging your heart for mine. It’s laying down every weight and every burden at my feet. It’s emptying yourself before me and taking in all that I am in return. As you pour yourself out before me, unashamed, you make room for my presence. You invite others to lay down their weights and come unafraid before me


Did it come so easily when you first learned to worship? Did it flow like honey from your lips? No, it came from desperation and heartache. You cried out for me to heal you and to set you free from your captivity. Just as you cried out, I came. I met you in your despair and in your pain and I cleansed your wounds and healed your brokenness. I washed away the dirt and set your feet upon the rock of My salvation.

This is what I desire to do for my people. To meet them in their brokenness and in their desperation. To show them the way of truth and how to live a life of total abandon. So as you worship, set your eyes upon the hearts of my people and remember how I came to you. Pour your love out from that place and draw them into that very moment. As you do, they will see Me and feel my touch. They will experience My love and My affection for them, and they will find their healing.”

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