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Enjoy The Ride Before You, Look Up!

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A frustration of being a driver on a long trip, is I miss all the scenery. It’s only when someone says, “Did you see that?”, that I scramble to divert my gaze momentarily, to see what they’re pointing out.

The same happens when you fixate on one aspect of your assignment from the Lord. You try so hard for perfection, that you miss all the other important details. It’s time to change your focus. Allow the Lord to spotlight your next move, while you enjoy the ride!

Ending Note:

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Enjoy The Ride Before You, Look Up!

By Denise Jordan

Today's Prophetic Word is for every prophet who feels stuck and frustrated with their current circumstance!

When I prayed, I heard a cry for help. I felt frustration in your heart, with your feet stuck. I asked for clarity to help you move forward. The Lord says to you:

"My child, you need a change in perspective. You don't see the full picture. You're getting stuck on a small detail along the path that doesn’t matter. Let Me shift your perspective. Take My hand as I lift you up high to sit with Me. Then, look at your situation from My vantage point.

Can you see the small detail you're tripping over from here? Simply let go of what you can do and see, so that I can empower you.

What you’re facing isn’t a blockage or opposition from the enemy. It’s your limitations that are getting in the way. So, let go of your current understanding of the road ahead. Lift your hands to Me in praise and rejoice.

Once your perspective shifts, you'll progress again with a renewed understanding of the road ahead. You'll take the land set before you, as you advance to the landmarks ahead of you." says the Lord.

Thanks for reading!

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