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 Embrace The Spiritual Contractions To Birth The New Prophetic Move

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When Samual anointed David’s head, his impregnation to take the throne started. However, it took many years before the birth of his reign to place. When he did, the nation of Israel went through a revival.

Like David, you have had time to prepare. Now you feel the labor pains in the spirit and know it’s time to birth spiritually. The prophets need you, play your part and birth the new prophetic move!

Ending Note:

Do you know the difference between Prophecy and decree? What is Spiritual Birthing and are you destined to be one? Colette’s video… "Prophecy, Decree, and Spiritual Birthing", has the answer you seek.


Embrace The Spiritual Contractions To Birth The New Prophetic Move

By Deborah-Anne Velthuysen


Today's Prophetic Word is the prophets in the middle of spiritual birthing the next prophetic move!

As I sought the Lord, I saw a vision of a pregnant mother. She was near the end of her third trimester. I watched her carry the weight of this baby with grace, but I also saw how painful each step was.

She took a deep breath, looked at Jesus beside her, and said, "How much longer?"

Jesus smiled, put His hand on her belly, and replied, "Soon. You need to carry her just a little longer."

The vision shifted. I stood in a labor and delivery room. The mother lay on her bed, pushing with each contraction, and again asked, "How much longer?"

Then Jesus knelt beside her, took her hand, and said, "Just a little longer. She's almost here."

I asked the Lord what the vision meant. He said the mother was the prophet He'd commissioned to birth the prophetic move. She faced warfare, opposition, and rejection, but the time is now.

The Lord says,

"It's time to birth. You've carried this baby long enough. I watched you pick up the burdens of the prophets before you. I stood beside you as you fought to keep the call on your life.

I covered you when the church said you were crazy. Now, birth! Don't hide from the warfare. Press in. Let the circumstances and people around you break you, so My prophetic move may be born.

You're not alone in this travail. I've called other prophets to birth. This prophetic move will not be one color or one nation. This move will happen worldwide, and this is your part to play.

Rejoice in the warfare and rejection. My church may never know your name, but because of you, My prophetic children will find their voice.

My prophets will find a place to belong. They'll meet their king David. They'll encounter Jezebels and train up other prophets. They'll stand before kings and queens to speak on My behalf.

Push through. Birth this baby. Intercede, travail a little longer. Don't leave your prayer closet until I say, "it is finished." The ring of fire is upon you, and the release of My power is not far behind."

Jesus called you to birth a prophetic move. You have untapped potential to bring change.

Thanks for reading!

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