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Prophetic warning: God needs you to be on time

Updated: Aug 10, 2022

If you have any doubt about taking a step, this word will set you straight!

Yes, there are times when we must wait on the will of God. However, there are times when God opens a door at the perfect time and it's for us to WALK THROUGH THE DOOR! So today, walk through the door.

This word is very particular for those who need that gentle nudge to step forward. The circumstances will not stay in place indefinitely. It will take time for the Holy Spirit to set this up again. May this word inspire you to the action!

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Prophetic Warning: God Needs You to be on Time

By Chaifa Berry

Today's prophetic word is your confirmation to take that first step!

Have you ever missed your flight? Even if you made a mad dash to catch it, if you don't make it on schedule, the pilot doesn't wait for you.

So too are the opportunities that God sets before you. It's not about how you feel, or if you have the confidence. If you don't move, you'll miss your flight. Like that pilot, God has a schedule. He has the lives of all those on that plane and their loved ones in His hands.

God warns you to be timely, so you don't miss the opportunities He's set you up for...

"I've set the circumstances before you, but you must walk through the door. You've pondered on what will happen if you do, or when the right time to walk through it will be. My child, the time was when I presented the door to you. It was when I said that it was of Me.

Indeed, you have every intention of doing my will, for I know what is in your heart. But also consider my timetable. Be sensitive to the season and know when it is time to act.

 Act now, child. Walk when you receive my instruction, and you will move forward in your call. Progression is not only based on your abilities. It is dependent on your obedience to follow through when I open the doors.

Don't miss another season, child. Walk through the doors I've opened and catapult into your call," says the Lord.

Practical Project: Don't miss another opportunity

1. Identify the "planes" you've missed in seasons past. Identify your mistakes so you don't fall into them again.

2. What "Planes" can you still make on-time TODAY?

3. Jump on that plane whether you feel prepared, qualified, or equipped. If God believes in you, you can believe in yourself.

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