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Don't Worry, You're Exactly On Track

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

Just Because Things Took an Unexpected Turn, Doesn’t Mean You Missed It I’ve known the Lord long enough to realize that where He saw me going and where I wanted to go, didn’t always match! For example, I never imagined myself with a work in the United States! We established our first international center in Switzerland! I could have lived there my whole life. God’s plan wasn’t mine. Before long, doors shut, doors opened, and BAM here we are blazing a trail in a country we didn't anticipate. That’s just how He rolls. So don’t take these twists and turns as a defeat - you’re exactly on track! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

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This word is for you if you're afraid of taking a leap of faith. by Eloise Flanders

You answered the call of God on your life. But, it doesn't resemble the idea you had in mind. Everything started shifting from the moment you said, "Yes, Lord." You're in a place you don't recognize. This may come as a surprise to you. You're not meant to know everything on this journey. This is why it's a faith walk. God says, "I have everything figured out for you."

"When I called you, I gave you a promise. I gave you My word that I will see you through to the end. My word was not that you would have all the answers. It was that I would give you the courage to run the race. This journey with Me is one built on trust. Set your mind and heart on Me and trust that I will lead you in the right direction. My sight is not short that I can't see ahead of you. I have taken you this far. Believe Me to do it again. The road before you has twists and turns. If you knew ahead of time all that you would have to face, you would give up. I have set a course for you that will allow you to rely on Me and not on your own ability.

I'm building a character in you that you haven't known was there. You'll discover more about who you are along the way. Every piece of my plan is adding wisdom and strength to you. I gave you a vision. The details are up to Me. The fun part of this journey is what you never planned for. Like a good father, I want to surprise you. With every step of faith you take, I'm revealing Myself to you", says the Lord.

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