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Don’t Take Advice From The Blind!

Even today people put pressure on Craig and I to be “normal.” If being normal means not parenting the prophets and healing the broken-hearted, I want no part of it! 23 years ago, when we launched our first prophetic school, we landed and rocked the boat. That rocking caught the attention of people just like us! Now today, we reach thousands of prophets every single day. What has God told YOU to do? This word is a reminder that God’s word is yes and amen. Don’t cave to the pressure! Don’t conform and miscarry your spiritual baby! The word today is powerfully anointed. If it’s for you - receive the impartation and build! Love and blessings, Colette Toach Ministry News from the Toaches If you’re a prophet and this word strikes you, I want to mentor you. Sign up for our program at and let’s launch you.

Today's prophetic word is here to remind you that you stand out for a reason! by Eloise Flanders

"When I called you to stand before kings, it was not to succumb to their structure. It was to bring My pattern into their system for My greater good. Take everything I have shown you to build My church," says the Lord. "My work never stopped. I continue to raise up leaders, who'll take on the task of carrying out my plan without a fault. It's for you to organize a plan and work to get the job done as I have instructed.

My plan is perfect and needs no adjustments. I see the end before I map out the pattern. So leave all your ideas behind and see to it that what I've given you is according to the vision I have in mind. My Church suffers loss when ideas corrupt My plan. Be sure to walk in the way that I've taught you. Take no advice from those who are blind. Take risks and step out. Only then can I add to your faith. The work before you isn't for the weak. This is why I spent time preparing you to work under pressure and criticism.

You have the wisdom and the heart to carry out this mandate. The knowledge you collected over the years equipped you. None of the hard work will go unnoticed. So put your hands to the plow. Don't panic about how you'll achieve the end result. Gather what you have now. Use the resources you have in hand. Everything will fall in line as you take strides towards the vision. I've always gone ahead to prepare the way for you in times past. I'll do the same for you again. You have what it takes to lead My people to build something that will remain for generations to come," says the Lord.

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