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Don’t Miss Your Time And Season

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The door is going to open. Will you be ready when it does? Today’s word challenges you to plan for the promotion. When you prepare yourself for the promise, you release faith. Faith moves the hand of God!

God’s promised a promotion, but are you planning for it? Are you studying and preparing for it? So my challenge today is: ACT LIKE YOU ALREADY HAVE THE PROMOTION! Your step of faith is the difference between a dream and reality.

Ending Note:

Are you called to the marketplace? Then you might be an Esther-type prophet. Catch up with our podcasts on this type and ready yourself for promotion!

Don't Miss Your Time and Season

By Chaifa Berry

Today's word is here to remind you that the next season in your life is coming, be ready to step into it!

God is everywhere. He sees all things... including the promotion that's ahead of you. But if you don't prepare now, you’ll miss out.

He reminds you that the success you have today is only one step in the process. Like He took Esther through one year of preparation, so too, you are being perfumed for a greater purpose.

“My child, it took me one year to prepare Esther for her reveal. Her transformation didn't come immediately. I groomed her to take the throne. Yet, you keep waiting to get on the throne, before you become a queen. Don't you know that in every room in the palace, she learned palace protocol?

She learned the etiquette of royalty. She learned the skills of a queen. It was not only her beauty that captivated her but also her character. So indeed, I process and perfume you as I did Esther. With every pressure, I add a new skill or strength to your character.

I'm perfuming you, not so that you may smell good for yourself, but that you may rise in favor and serve My purpose. For one day soon I will call on you, but will you be ready?

Esther was not the only one in preparation, but there were many alongside her - with the same goal in mind. But, I have gone ahead of you to prepare favorable circumstances for you. Do your part to prepare for success. Learn the protocol of the realm that you will rule now and do not wait.

Indeed, everyone runs the race, but you must run as if there is only one winner. You must put your heart into preparation that I may use you to bless my people,” says the Lord.


1. Esther was in preparation to be queen. What realm is God calling you to rule in?

2. What skills (natural and spiritual) do you need to rule well, in that realm?

3. What can you do or study to gain those skills?

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