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Don't Let The Devil Bully You Into Giving Up!

I guess you must be pretty dangerous huh? Why else would the devil be hitting so hard? His intention is to make you quit. Today's word tells you the truth. If he’s attacking then he’s afraid. God’s promises are yes and amen. So what you gonna believe? The devil’s bullying or the Lord’s promise? Stand your ground!!

Ending Note:

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Don't Let The Devil Bully You Into Giving Up!

By Jodia Mattison

Today's Word is for those under attack, don't let the enemy overtake you!

The children of Israel received their inheritance, but they failed to drive out all the ITES. (Joshua 18)

You took land in battle, and now it is time to build. The problem is there are a few enemies left. You want God to do it for you. But God said Fight!

He says to you:

"Why are you afraid? Am I not with you to drive out the enemies from your land? Have you forgotten what I told you?

Be encouraged, my child, and don't be afraid of the enemies before you. Keep going! Every place your feet touched, I gave it to you. Now drive them out! I am with you in battle; only turn to me. I have strategies that ensure your victory. I see the tactics of your enemies. Open your eyes. They are not your friend.

Listen to my voice, my child, and take control of your land. When you are fearful, look to me, my love will cast it out. When doubt arises, remember the battles your face

and overcome. I am your commander in battle. Will I lead you to your death?

Stand your ground, and pay attention to my voice, for I positioned you on this battlefield. Lift your sword and wield it as I told you. Pay attention to my voice. I will help you. Be bold and courageous. Do not slacken your reigns. Drive out ALL the enemies from your land, and experience peace.

Now Fight!"

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