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Don’t Doubt What God Said! He Will Provide!

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

We’re just like the Israelites. One minute we rejoice over His provision, next we fear if He’ll provide again. Jesus doesn’t judge you, but today He invites you to stand in faith. Shake off that fear! I know it's easier said than done, which is why I wanted this word to go out ASAP! I pray it stirs your faith to take action! Every Monday to Friday, I’m here along with my NextGen Prophets team to make sure you get the power you need! Love and blessings, Colette Toach

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Today's word is for the prayer warriors under attack! by Michael Velthuysen

As I came to write this prophetic word, I saw a prophet in the back of a church. He was kneeling down, and as he was interceding, the enemy brought a lot of doubt to him. Today, the Lord says to you:

Don’t Doubt My Mighty Hand! “My child, did you doubt Me when I provided the food on your table? Did you doubt Me when I brought you the living water from the springs? So, don’t doubt Me now in this crucial moment. For the enemy’s plan is to snare you into thinking I’m not there with you. But, listen to My voice. Watch as I show you My mighty hand move mountains before your eyes. Watch as I bring My decree into this earth through you. Don’t give up on your mandate here, My child. Don’t give up on where I’m taking you. For indeed, My will, will come to pass. The enemy can try and persuade you to think otherwise, but My child, you know that every time you intercede on My behalf, the church building shakes!

Bringing Heaven Down to Earth!

Bring forth My fire! Bring forth My wind to blow away the dross! You’re My prophet and you’re the vessel I’m calling to bring change into the church. So, come on and rise now, My child. Take heed to My instructions once more. Listen to where I’m about to lead you. For every time you enter into the church and decree and prophesy My will, you'll see fruit! Your voice is My voice. Your heart is My heart.

Don’t allow the enemy to bring doubt into your thoughts, for those thoughts will be cast into the sea, so My decrees can be planted in this church. The fruit will grow as you have already toiled the land. So, today I say to you: plant the seeds! Stop waiting for the old ground to accept the new seeds. Take the new seeds and plant them in this freshly toiled field,” says the Lord.

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