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Don’t Believe the Lie that Says You are Not Enough

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

Satan attacks our identity because he knows that when we feel insecure, we stop fighting. When we feel inadequate, we put our eyes on ourselves and stop helping others. So today, realize that God spent a lot of time shaping you into who you are. Let Him finish what He started! Love and blessings Colette Toach P.S. Have you watched God’s Word for 2022? Reclaim your God-given identity!

Do you feel like you need more from the Lord? Then this Prophetic Word is For You! by Anne Chen

When I lifted you up in prayer, I heard the desire of your heart wanting and asking the Lord for more.

"Lord, I feel so incapable. I feel so inadequate. Lord, I don't know enough, I don't know you enough. I need more, Lord!"

The Lord hears you and that hunger, but today the Lord answers you with something you may not have been expecting: you are enough. The Lord has uniquely shaped you for His people and wants you to know exactly how much time, care, and calculation has gone into your call. I hear Him saying to you:

"You see yourself lacking, but that is not how I see you, My beloved. You don't need more. You just need to let what I've put inside of you come out. For indeed, I have called you to be My vessel so that My people can see My heart and hands reaching out to them through you. Allow My hand to brush away the debris and the hindrances that have blocked your progress. Allow Me to show you how you have been exquisitely and perfectly called, positioned, and equipped to walk the road that I've set before you. I have given you My fire, passion, and heart for My people. So, trust where I have been leading you and know that My hand is upon you. Trust that the road that you have walked has forged the warrior that I need for My people.

Where you are now is not a mistake. Who you are now is not a mistake. Where you have come from and what you have had to overcome was not a mistake, but a miscalculation of the enemy. For what he meant to take you down with, only drew you closer to Me, trained your fingers for war, and put a weapon in your hand to impart to others so that they too can overcome and destroy every work of the enemy.

So, open your eyes and see the land and people I have given you. Pick up the sword at your side and prepare for war. Open you heart and unleash all that I have poured into you to show My people the bright light of My love I have put inside of you with boldness and joy."

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