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Don't Allow The Enemy's Smokescreen To Hide The Lord's Blessing From You Today

We often see the enemy as the scary roaring lion, ready to devour. But there is another side to him… the deceiver of the brethren. If fear does not work, he will throw smokescreens in your path to block your view. Today, push past his distractions. Remember, you are an overcomer in Christ Jesus!

Ending Note:

Are you a scholar yet? If so, join me on 3rd December when my wife, Colette Toach will teach on circumstantial healing. It’s Christmas and I know that it brings up A LOT. Did you know that the Lord is already arranging to heal though? Come and receive healing.

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Don't Allow The Enemy's Smokescreen To Hide The Lord's Blessing From You Today

By Eloise Flanders

Today's Word is your reminder to not believe the lies of the emey, push back!

The same God who took care of the children of Israel in the wilderness, Daniel in the lion's den, and Paul from death by a poisonous serpent is Lord over you. He knows your needs and desires to provide you with all you need to carry out His will on earth.

Child of God, there is purpose in your dependence on the Lord. Do not feel discouraged when the Lord says go there or do this; all you see is a lack of resources. You have no resolve, but the Lord does. I encourage you to take your eyes off the lack and look to the Lord for solutions.

Your Life Is In My Hands.

"My child, I am teaching you discipline. I placed you on this path, and I will give you the wisdom to navigate every problem that comes your way. Do not revert to taking matters into your own hands. I will arrange the circumstances for you.

I see ahead and have a plan of action to counteract every attack the enemy has against me. Activate your faith. With every step you take forward, the resources will be available. You don't have to figure out the curve balls alone.

The enemy will come up against you. He knows that if he can’t stop you, he will try to delay what I have called you to do. Remember, your weapons are not carnal. I am not short on My blessing concerning you. Do not play into the hand of the enemy.

Allow me to guide your every decision. The enemy manipulates the systems of the world. If you panic, you play right into his cunning plans. With Me leading, you will always have the advantage. I will lead you to the right people and places.

I take care of the beast in the wild. I will care for your needs, enabling you to do My work. Power in your hands has a constraint. Control in my hands has no limits. Rest assured, favor follows where I lead you, says the Lord."

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