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Don't Allow Sin To Keep You From The Arms Of Jesus

Can I just say it… We all sin! We are not proud of it, and that is why you carry so much guilt. Oh, and the enemy is only too happy to rub your nose in it and remind you of a few other sins you might have forgotten.

Child of God, in those moments, you need Jesus more than ever. He sees through the sin and sees you! Allow him to wash you clean and become the child of God, He called you to be.

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Don't Allow Sin To Keep You From The Arms Of Jesus

By Denise Jordan

Today's Word is for those who feel overwhelmed with guilt and shame, Jesus still calls out to you!

The year is drawing to a close. This often means a time to reflect. Today, as I was praying for you, I saw someone who was overcome with shame over what they did this year. They were looking in the mirror, making plans to get rid of this shame. The way you feel about your shame, and the way Jesus feels about it, are two different things. If you’re fighting with shame today, this word is for you:

“My child, come into My presence. Enter it freely. For indeed, with me there’s no shame. It cannot prevail in my presence.

For I paid the price for your sin. I washed you clean. I know you carry guilt. I know you feel bad for what you did. I know you’re looking into the mirror wondering how you could’ve given into that sin.

My embrace waits for you. My arms are strong and ready for you. I’m ready to hold you and carry you forward. My heart has always been for you.

No matter what happened, no matter what you did, there’s no sin too great to separate you from my heart. There’s no sin too great to cut you from my love. My love transcends good and bad. My love transcends distance and time. My love is powerful. You are mine!

So, stop covering up your shame, and trying to hide away. Stop trying to find another mask to wear. Come as you are, my beloved child. Enter my rest, and feel my embrace.

Be bold this day and instead let go of your shame. If you keep holding on, you can’t fully take a hold of my gift of mercy. You also can’t receive my forgiveness, and it will separate you from me. It means the enemy has a hold.

Today, come freely and boldly. Remove this hold from your life and enter my rest. Come let the power of my love transform your heart and the road ahead. Come and experience my love afresh.

Then, when you let the shame go I will clothe you in gorgeous robes of righteousness. For when you dare to trust me, I won’t let you go, beloved.”

Thanks for reading!

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