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Discard The Dross You Carry To Tap Into Revival!

Updated: Mar 4, 2023

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True liberation comes when you submit yourself completely to the Lord. I’m talking about the good, the bad, and the ugly! We hold onto and try to hide our ugly because we are ashamed. Yet the Lord sees it. The gentleman He is waits for you to offer it up freely.

Allow the Lord to burn the dross, so that your true treasure can be revealed. Shed the load, and have a bonfire with Jesus! revival is next.

Ending Note:

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Discard The Dross You Carry To Tap Into Revival!

By Bethany Sealy


Today's Prophetic Word is for every prophet struggling with their training!

Don't Let The Fire Go Out!

This word is for prophets in training who feel the fire has waned and struggle to remain in His presence.

As I brought you before the Lord, I saw you holding a heavy flat rock. You examined it on every side and thought, “What can I use this for?” You wondered if you should throw it at the enemy but realized it would only hurt you. As you picked up a second smaller, jagged rock, you knew what to do. You began to strike the rocks together to create a flame.

The Lord encourages you today.

"My child, don’t you see the power is in your hands? You have the tools and ability to create the change you want to see. I have put fire in your hands. You don’t need Me to start the flames.

What can you bring Me that I need? Nothing. My desire is your bitterness and disappointment. Bring Me your expectations, visions, and desires you haven’t submitted to My hand. Give Me the parts you hide away and allow the fire to consume them.

Allow this fire to become warmth and safety as you bring Me the ugly parts of you. I want them all. I don't turn My head away at the sight of them. I use every piece to fuel the fire of the altar that purifies your heart.

Don't you see the beauty in this fire? Can you feel My love pouring out as I cleanse your unrighteousness? This fire is sweet satisfaction to your soul. It is a reminder that I am with you. I am in this fire with you. Did Daniel flee the flames in his distress? Did Paul cower when bitten by the snake? No, they shook it off and stood strong, saying, "You are My God, and in You, I will trust." This fire is the fire of My altar. And through your sacrifice, you will remain in Me and in My perfect peace as I refine you as pure gold."

Listen to Apostle Colette’s message “Love, Empowered to Change" here:

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